Collaborating with the Iranian Research Institute, the Islamic History and Culture Master's Program at UIN Jakarta carries out collaborative research on Wali Songo
Collaborating with the Iranian Research Institute, the Islamic History and Culture Master's Program at UIN Jakarta carries out collaborative research on Wali Songo

FAH Building, UIN News Online- Master Program in Islamic History and Culture, Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH), UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta in collaboration with Islamic Science and Cultural Academy, Iran, held an International Webinar on Walisongo. The webinar took the theme the Role of Walisongo in the Religious and Cultural Interactions Between Iran and Indonesia in the 15th Centuries, Thursday (29/05/2024).

Dean of FAH UIN Jakarta, Dr. Ade Abdul Hak, M.Hum representing the Rector said that international research collaboration is one of UIN Jakarta's mission. “And, today's webinar is part of a fairly good research collaboration in discussing important topics in reading the history of the development of Muslim society in Indonesia,” he said.

Not only that, the Director of the Sufism Study Program at Khatam Al Nabiin Institute of Higher Education Iran, Prof. Vahid Haj Aghazadeh also appreciated it. According to him, the relationship between Indonesia and Iran is very strong, especially in culture.

The webinar, which was centered at the FAH UIN Jakarta Building, was moderated by the Head of the Islamic Science and Cultural Academy Theology Study Program, Iran. Several researchers from Indonesia and Iran appeared as speakers.

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In the first session, Prof. Amirul Hadi, Ph.D. l, Professor of History of Islamic Civilization representing researchers from MSKI FAH UIN Jakarta presented a research paper entitled History, Memory And Conversion: Some Notes On Walisongo Of Java, Indonesia. Professor Amir stated in his research that historiographically, the study of Walisongo lacks reliable sources. Local (indigenous) works lack chronological information, are palace-oriented, and historical data is mixed and overshadowed by legends and myths. This means that existing research on Walisongo has not been presented with strong primary sources.

In comparison, an Iranian History and Civilization researcher Madam Maryam Sahaf provided a discussion with a paper entitled Wali Songo: some heroes in the fild of spreading Islam in Indonesia. In her research, she explained a brief introduction to one of the Walisongo figures, Maulana Malik and his method of preaching Islam in Indonesia.

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In this Webinar event, Prof. Amelia Fauzia, Ph.D., Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M), UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta also confirmed that research that has been conducted in Indonesia about Walisongo has not presented clear primary sources. The professor of the History of Islamic Civilization also said that she strongly supports research collaboration on Walisongo between Indonesia and Iran with the latest methodology and valid sources so that the findings can be academically accounted for.

At the end of the webinar, Dr. Maudlotun Nisa' as the Secretary of the MSKI FAH UIN Jakarta Study Program on behalf of the committee of this webinar event expressed his gratitude for this collaboration for other ongoing collaborations, especially on Iranian and Indonesian culture.


(Gilang Alfaris/Mauidlotun Nisa')