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The Faculty of Adab and Humanities at the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta is an important part of higher education institutions based on Islamic values ​​in Indonesia. This faculty has played a very vital role in giving birth to a generation of intellectuals who are qualified, have noble character, and have a deep understanding of the humanities. The Faculty of Adab and Humanities at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta continues to be committed to becoming a center of excellence in the field of humanities studies. We prioritize a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to explore students' intellectual potential, enrich scientific insight, and stimulate critical thinking.

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Starting from the Vision and Mission of the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (FAH), namely to become a Faculty of Humanities studies with a global reputation with the advantage of integrating Islamic, Indonesian and scientific knowledge. The Faculty of Adab and Humanities carries out superior research for scientific development, social transformation and increasing national competitiveness, including referring to studies that focus on human aspects, such as language, culture, history, philosophy and literature.  Research in the humanities may include analysis of classical literature, historical reconstruction of cultures, interpretation of philosophical texts, or even the study of the influence of culture on the development of language. This field is important because it helps us understand the essence of humanity in various historical, cultural and social contexts.

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Community Service

The Faculty of Adab and Humanities has a mission to provide proactive community service; to the needs of society in the field of humanities. Community service in the humanities field refers to efforts or activities carried out by academics or researchers to make direct contributions to society outside their academic environment. The primary goal is to apply knowledge, skills, or findings from humanities research to improve the welfare of society at large. The Faculty of Humanities and Humanities has an important role because it connects academic research and learning with the needs and aspirations of the wider community. This not only expands the positive impact of humanities research, but also strengthens the involvement and relevance of universities or research institutions in society.

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