Al-Insāniyyat Mosque: One Step to Build a Cosmopolitan Student Centre

Friday, 19 May 2023, was the first time the Faculty of Adab and Humanities (Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora/FAH) of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN Jakarta) began to have its own mosque. The name of this mosque is the Arabic translation from the term “humaniora;” that is, “al-Insāniyyat” (in English, humanities).

The FAH UIN Jakarta used the term “mosque” (masjid) to differentiate it from the word “muşallā.” The muşallā is a room used not for Friday sermon and its prayer, but for a regular five-time-a-day prayer. In contrast, the mosque is practically used for both the regular five-time-a-day prayer and the Friday prayer. In fact, the presence of this mosque supports the FAH UIN Jakarta’s program to execute its motto of piety in addition to knowledge and integrity.  

Till 2016, the FAH UIN Jakarta used the UIN Jakarta’s Al-Jāmi`ah Mosque in campus one as a place for performing Friday prayer. Here is important for me to add slightly the FAH UIN Jakarta’ history to link it to the Insāniyyat Mosque. The FAH UIN Jakarta was first established in 1960 in the campus one. It was located on the Jalan Tarumanegara, Pisangan, East Ciputat. Next, in 2017, the FAH UIN Jakarta’s Dean Prof. Sukron Kamil (2015-2019) decided to accept a policy to move the faculty from campus one to campus three. It is located on the Jl. Tarumanegara, Pisangan, Kec. Ciputat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15419.

On Tuesday, 28 February 2017, Rector Prof. Dede Rosyada (2015-2019), inaugurated the FAH UIN Jakarta’s new building. By that time, the Insāniyyat Mosque was still the building of Kopertais (Koordinatoriat Perguruan Tinggi Agama Islam Swasta/the Coordinator of the Private Islamic Higher Education).

In 2022, the FAH UIN Jakarta’s Dean Saiful Umam, Ph.D. (2019-2023) issued a program that made the Kopertais building turn to be the FAH UIN Jakarta’s Student Center. Here, the first floor of the Kopertais building was a muşallā, and its second floor a student centre.

Since 2022 to the present time, the second floor of the Insāniyyat Mosque has been consisting of the offices of the FAH UIN Jakarta’s students’ organization, such as its council (Dewan Mahasiswa), its senate (Senat Mahasiswa), and its five study program student associations (Himpunan Mahasiswa Program Studi).

Photo by Gunawan: the welcoming speech and the inauguration of the FAH UIN Jakarta’s Insāniyyat Mosque by Dean Ade Abdul Hak on 19 May 2023

The newly appointed FAH UIN Jakarta’s Dean, Dr. Ade Abdul Hak, S.Ag., S.S., M.Hum., CIQnR, (2023-2027), appreciated the Saiful Umam’s program. In his inauguration speech of the Insāniyyat Mosque (19 May 2023), the dean said: “it just so happened that all that was left was the blessing. Please pray for and support so that the activities can continue.”

Photo by Gunawan: Vice Dean Usep Abdul Matin addressed his Friday sermon in English on 19 May 2023 in the FAH UIN Jakarta’s Insāniyyat Mosque.

Next, Vice Dean Usep Abdul Matin wanted to lead the Insāniyyat Mosque to be a part of the cosmopolitan student centre. Here he helped the dean establish the Insāniyyat Mosque Prosperity Council (Dewan Kemakmuran Masjid/DKM). Several months prior to the inauguration of this mosque, Usep had been organizing intensive meetings where he invited some lecturers and students to be involved in the DKM. The DKM decided to perform the Friday sermon both in English and Arabic. The DKM also opted the Friday sermon speakers both from the FAH UIN Jakarta’s lecturers and students. Therefore, the first Friday sermon was addressed by Usep Abdul Matin in English. The imam was Drs. Adang Asdari, M.Ag. Here, Dr. Rasiin, the FAH UIN Jakarta’s Head of Administration Office, (imam), and Nurhasan, M.A., were two active members of the FAH UIN Jakarta’s DKM, who attended the Insāniyyat Mosque’s first Friday sermon. Some students assisted to maintain this initial Friday sermon and prayer. They were Muhammad Rafi Alhafizh as a caller to pray, and Ihsanul Yazid as a moderator.  May Allah bless the FAH UIN Jakarta, and guide us to lead the Insāniyyat Mosque to be cosmopolitan, āāīn.

By: Usep Abdul Matin