“Be A Smart and Creative Digital Content Creator”


Learning to be a Content Creator in English Literature Webinar

“Be A Smart and Creative Digital Content Creator”

You haven’t had the opportunity to take part in the English Literature Webinar “Be A Smart and Creative Digital Content Creator”? You can still learn about shifting trends in the content world through this article. Read more here. The activity, which took place on Friday, February 25, 2022, at 16.00–17.00 WIB, discussed the opportunities to become content creators in the digital era. This webinar targets the student segment and was successfully attended by 143 online participants.

In the English Literature Webinar “Be A Smart and Creative Digital Content Creator”, many things about shifting trends in the world of content were shared by Ummy Azalia Ismawan, S.S. as a speaker for English Literature graduates from UIN Jakarta who has experience in the field of digital content creator.

The ethics of appreciating works in the digital world. In creating content, we must pay attention to 3 things, namely the subject, the creator of the work and the audience. If we want to use other people’s content and the content is free, there must still be ethics. It is important for us to pay attention to our digital track record, and we must be wise in using social media. Every activity carried out in cyberspace will leave a digital footprint. A digital footprint is a form of someone’s track record recorded through an application.

As a social media user, we have to be wise in using it. While the wisdom of digitalization is an attitude towards taking a role in the development of the digital world by anticipating problems from the digital world by disciplining, taking anticipatory steps and being open to the opportunities offered from the digital era and increasing skills in technology and digitization. The biggest challenge for content creators is consistency. Such as creating schedules for production, promoting content to all platforms, evaluating content and modifying content.

Content creator is a job that works with heart and creativity that requires us to make it a hobby. Regarding the emergence of digital content creators, the content that has emerged is increasingly diverse during the pandemic which triggers many trends. During this pandemic, more and more people are active online.

The participants enthusiastically participated in all the material presented in this webinar, as seen from the many responses and questions asked to the speaker. One of them asks the question: how are we as young people who are transitioning to digital wisdom, responding to system improvement but not paying attention to the needs that exist in society? The speaker answered that first, that we had to understand technology, then look for a website that could solve our problems. Then regarding systems, applications, websites that only follow trends even though there is no content, we ourselves have to see if these applications can be useful for us and can solve problems for us.