This international conference held by Faculty of Adab and Humanities, UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta in National Information and Communication Technology building, Ciputat (Wednesday, November 1st 2017).
In her speech as chief of committee of the conference, Darsita Suparno said, “As known during the last decade, debates on the role of religion in the public space, migration, social cohesion and other issues have revealed increasing social tensions and polarization in public opinion. Misperception and misinformation often dominate public dialogue about relations between Muslims and others. Although they don’t speak with the loudest voice, academics, scholars and thought leaders have a key role to play in helping to re-balance these debates by providing fact-based opinion and informed arguments.”
Furthermore, she said that one of the key objectives of this conference was to help fill the gap between academic expertise and public knowledge of cross-cultural relations involving Muslims. One message seems to be very important: At the beginning of the 21st century, we cannot strive for “more of the same“. The “Global Challenges” call for a new understanding of growth and responsibility. We are, for example, confronted with major problems resulting from the unbridled exploitation of our culture. The continuous growth in the world’s population.
As a part of Syarif HIdayatullah Islamic State University, the biggest university in the Indonesia, FAH are proud that a small group of our own students and lecturers have taken the initiative and has organized such a beautiful event with a lot of enthusiasm.
The main speakers on this conference i.e. Dvorzoaya, S Petersburfg Russia, Prof. Dr. Irina R. Katkova, The Institute of Oriental Manuscript; Dr. Shirley Ann Baker, Alliants International University CA Unites States; and Dr. Abdelmagid Ramadan Elsayed Gadwa, MA form Al- Azhar University Egypt. This conference also presents many speakers in plenary session for discussing call for papers.